Hauptharmonie’s ‘Fat, Rich & Gorgeous’ Is Exactly What Your Saturday Needs

Man, am I a lucky Maniac or what? Just a few minutes after waking up and surveying a Saturday landscape that doesn’t look all that appetizing, Hauptharmonie tweeted out the kind of track that, among idols at least, nobody else even tries to pull off:

I’ve loved this as a motto of theirs for the last couple of months, but “Fat, Rich & Gorgeous” is a hell of a nice song to be moving ahead with to preview their Brass! Brass!! Brass!!! joint album with Tapferkeit Band.

Honestly, this song is like a trip through the entire dirty, horn-riddled, fat-licked history of rock and blues. And, just liked “BUDDY” off of last year’s Herz ueber Kopf, it’s a superb way to kick off an album. I’m still personally holding out for “HOLY HOWLIN’ RHAPSODY,” because that’s using all the words that make me think of the Reverend Horton Heat and stuff, I have a feeling that this is gonna be a good one.

5 thoughts on “Hauptharmonie’s ‘Fat, Rich & Gorgeous’ Is Exactly What Your Saturday Needs

  1. This reminds me more than a little of PUFFY’s super-fun collaborations with the Tokyo Paradise Ska Orchestra. It’s also brought me to realize that Hauptharmonie’s got the unique style and chops that could bring them considerable popularity outside of simply idol circles. (In Japan, anyway.) I hope they get a big push from the people with the power to push things!

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