Hauptharmonie und Tapferkeit Band Are Gonna Get Super Jazzy

This was a fun bit of news from yesterday that I wanted to save, and also because I had no idea what the original tweet was definitely saying until after the fact. But! It could have been predicted that Hauptharmonie would have a new release coming along at basically any moment, seeing as how they tend to put out something of substance at a rate that would even make Billie Idle blush, and it’d been … wow, many months since the release of the (very good) Herz ueber Kopf. So this, by itself, wasn’t tremendously shocking:

Presuming of course that the completely contextless tweet would be eventually be accompanied by some details in the form of news, that is! Good think that happened.

This Natalie.mu article gets right down to the … (ahem) brass tacks (/shows self out) of the situation: Hauptharmonie will be joining forces with their pals Tapferkeit Band to release a jazz album. That’s so on point and damn near perfect and good for them, I bet it’s going to be awesome.

Also, though, they’re losing a member, wie schade. That’s sad news! And in the same story as the album, which is good news. I am conflicted! But not really, because I want this album yesterday.

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