Happy Easter! Here Are Things to Enjoy

It’s Easter Sunday for the Christian world, and much of the world that connects to the Christian world, and even for lots of people who aren’t Christian at all but like to have an excuse to have candy, and while we could celebrate the happy re-birthday of Jesus of Nazareth with a little Living Dead I Dolls, I’ll aim instead for the more pagan/secular side of the celebration.

First up! MOAR RABBITS LAB, which has been out for a few days but I was sitting on because, come on, Easter:

I have no idea what the aims of this project are, but the girl can sing, so nbd.

Next up! Here’s Desu.Rabbits with a little of how the sausage is made, so to speak, as they prepare for their upcoming one-man; there’s a ton of talking, which I take to be instructions, after a few minutes in, so feel free to depart after the song ends unless you like what amounts to voice over still images of girls looking very serious.

Finally, here’s Babymetal right down the street from Maniac Mansion at DC’s Verizon Center, opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yes, the video should be obvious:

I don’t associate bubble gum too much with Easter, but why not? I give them enough grief about this song: