Happiness This Morning Is a New WILL-O’ Single

I hate this recent feeling out of touch business. Even when I’m relatively on top of things, I’m behind or a half-step off or kind of distracted and/or forgetful. It’s dumb! I include in this just the regular maintenance activities of keeping up with idol favorites and not needing all of the various technical mechanisms available to meet a minimum threshold of awareness and support, at which I am currently a miserable failure. Alas.

I bring this up because I, without checking, felt completely blindsided when WILL-O’, who have the best in-name punctuation of all idols ever, announced details for a new single (their first, which, how) out … like in a week. And then there’s a trailer, for which I definitely recommend looking at the description, which lays out the multitude of versions available for this single, and also you are now warned that this “single” trailer runs well over 2:00 without dedicating more than a few seconds to any one track:

That’s no single, that’s a space station!

(Some of) the art (probably):

You kind of have to hand it to them — that many editions all going Voltron up to what is definitely at least an EP and definitely isn’t a single anymore isn’t new, but it is cool, and frankly a clever way of maximizing sales over single standalone discs. And, like, you know, it all sounds pretty good, like maybe not as rip-roaring as you know they have in them, but still pretty good if you’re a fan.

Oh and they have a one-man coming up in July as well.

This post is over.