Hanako-san, Please

Nobody, least of all the poor saps featured in the video below, is prepared for what Hanako-san (precisely, the 14th Generation Hanako of the Toilet!) is about to unleash upon the world.

The greatest solo performer in idol has a new song (from old friend Mr. Perkele!), releasing on CD-R. I wish I could say that such a release would make for an immediately valuable collector’s item, and — among some circles, most notably the denizens herein! — there will be people who’d mortgage their house for it, but the reality is that such a release is mostly just a can-kicking letdown. Do a whole single, or an EP, Hanako! Send your unique brand of screamtastic grindy whatever-have-you out into the world en masse, that we may all delight in the terrors you bring!

4 thoughts on “Hanako-san, Please

  1. “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.”
    This is why I have debilitating FOMO. What did I miss?

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