HAMIDASYSTEM Is on Fire, Figuratively, Because This Is So Chill

If you recall one of the sudden, surprising Of the Year contenders that was HAMIDASYSTEM’s lead off of the “DERO” single a few weeks back, you might not be surprised to find out that they stayed right on point and released not only a follow-up, but arguably something even better:

“Kissing a Dream” is right

That’s the B-side. In B-side terms, it’s like “NO THANK YOU” or “Yellow Ledbetter” or “Kimi no Anime ga Mittai”; the A-side is pretty darn great on its own, but the accompanying track might be the one that goes down as the best. Hell, if nothing else, here’s your B-side of the Year contender.

If you want convenience, here’s all of “DERO”:

They were also kind enough to upload their entire debut album (which, to my surprise, was actually this year):

Forgive me for feeling like I’m living in a parallel world where the best parts of Especia and Girls Excellency International are best friends and working on a secret side project to bring the chillest beats and quietest images to people through the most passive idol work ever achieved. I feel … feelings. Marvelous.

Ed. Note: This post should be for Sunday, but I have no intention of posting this Sunday because I have lots of other stuff to do! Enjoy it a day early!

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