Hail to the Victor! The Idol Nightmare Contest Finale

That was fun, and you guys are a little bit concerning! In the end, we almost didn’t have an outright winner, and I was not relishing having to be the deciding vote-caster and was ready to have Mrs. Maniac do the deed instead, but, between emails and PMs (well, one PM) and comments on the original post, we managed to get a little bit of separation.

First, the runners-up!

Third Place

Our very own Weeaboo Witch’s vision of a poop-themed BiSH movie was good and funny!

Second Place

There was a tie here:

I missed that Hanako-san submission earlier and feel kind of bad about it, because it’s really cool, as is this wonderful reimagining of PASSPO as classic horror characters. I’m glad you two tied here instead of for #1!

And the winner is …

Yep. PassCode’s Yuna, showing off how somebody with that sweet a visage can bring so much pain in her vocal performance.

Congrats to Ahmet! Email me your address so I can get your prize in the mail; on the off chance that you don’t want the Necroma LP, direct me as to how to disperse the wonderful thing!

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