Guso Drop to … uh, Drop More Vinyl

I’ll just let John do the heavy lifting:

Here’s the cover:

Guso Drop's EP cover

Punk rock! Also Saki’s last recording contribution? I actually hope not. Get out another EP before she’s gone, Guso Drop.

12 thoughts on “Guso Drop to … uh, Drop More Vinyl

  1. Sounds like a winner. raw live? of course, it’s GUSO. I can budget a month for that.

    I blew this months import budget on a pre-order of Necroma’s remastered Nemesis LP.

    I think October’s budget will be for a record player. Anybody have some first-hand recommendations?

  2. So a no to a USB only (clip-looking type) and a yes for mixed pre-amp/USB output full turntable then?

    There seems to be an upswing in Aidoru vinyl releases overall, so thanks, everybody.

      • Well, just copy and paste that link. I can find no way to edit or anything like that. Yeah, I am having an awesome day………………………………..

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