Greet / Escape: YMM! announce new members, new MV

Unofficial Homicidols house band You’ll Melt More! have been uncharacteristically quiet of late.  Perhaps our marathon coverage of them last year scared them away?  I can’t think of anything else on this hapless planet that could account for it.  But now they’re back, back, back and 75% bigger besides.  Three more recruits have been promoted from the Pupil More! subs bench, so it’s hello to Heso (orange), Matsuri (yellow) and Meari (blue) who was formerly known as Waka.

Heso from idol group You'll Melt More!Matsuri from idol group You'll Melt More!Maeri from idol group You'll Melt More!

If 7-member YMM! wasn’t excitement enough, new songs are incoming!  The first one to be revealed unto us is Evacuation Early Warning, the sound of pant-loading panic reimagined as a pop song, accompanied here by a video of colourful-haired cartoon girls running around.

We make that the 53rd YMM! MV for what it’s worth but don’t worry, we won’t be bringing all that back again!  No news on a release date for this song yet but stay tuned; they’re out of deep freeze and melting more!  Oh stop groaning, this is free content.