GRATIA-ALA Is Definitely off to a Strong Start

I was Twitter-diving the other day, kind of killing time between things at work, when one interesting new thing led to another and then I was on YouTube and it was just flash after flash of previously unfamiliar music from idols I’d never heard of and then. Then.

I wasn’t so much blown away as I was subsumed and desperately wanted to know more.

That’s not even idol; it’s like post-idol

Say hi to GRATIA-ALA (Twitter). Nagi, Miyu and Rina, just bubbling up from the Nagoya-area scene last month. The name is described as coming from Latin and Greek, language and mythology, sort of rendering as “winged chalice” but also “The Three Graces” and I think somebody went and got themselves some education.

Their whole aesthetic is amazing. I mean, yeah, those outfits are probably pleather because that’s smart, but look at this artwork:

There’s real-deal support behind this project. I approve. Get onto Soundcloud, GRATIA-ALA, so we can enjoy the rest of your stuff and hear that “Alchemy” song that the members lyricized.

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