Got a Nice Little Rock Song by sora tob sakana Here

I don’t know how much you guys might know this very precious alt-idol unit; I only ever got into them via deep runs into YouTube playlists that started with You’ll Melt More! and passed through the likes of Schoolyard Camera Girl before eventually reaching familiar territory in Sakura Gakuin and GEM and the like. But along the way, there was sora tob sakana!

I like sora tob sakana (Twitter). I do! Didn’t think I’d ever publish them here, but I figured that maybe you all would like a little change of pace, remember when you and your best girl went down to see Lilith Fair* (as you very firmly informed people sometimes without their even asking!), that kind of thing. This is the lead off of their brand new (as of this week) first album.

And here’s their set from TIF, if you’d like more:

See? They’re good! Very much in the vein of Now-There’s-Light-at-the-End-of-the-Tunnel Sister Site moreso than this place, with its conspiracy theories and sex videos and grindcore ghost schoolgirls and stuff, but we can always play nicely together. For what it’s worth, they’re part of the talent snatched up by Fujiyama Project last year, so they share an association with Osaka Shunkashuto, at least.

*Can you believe that Lilith Fair only happened four times? I knew it eventually died out, but it was a big deal once upon a time.

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