Good Things Are Afoot for POPPING EMO

Good lord, is it Wednesday? It was Saturday morning, like, three minutes ago. What the hell happened? Oh right — friends, if you ever get the occasion to have a job that involves board meetings, do something else instead.

So this thing that I wanted to post about on, like, Monday at the absolute latest! Yes, that’s right, POPPING EMO, one of the I-kid-you-not best-sounding things in chika idol who’ve managed to only get a single post to ever mention them directly, have been on my broken radar more lately and, boom, with an excellent payoff — they’re releasing their next album (their third!) in a couple of weeks:

That’s a criminally short clip, but you get the idea — POPPING EMO’s got good things going on there. But that’s not all!

That’s right! Perhaps to celebrate, perhaps to show off and perhaps just to give me occasion to make an excellent joke, POPPING EMO also dropped this, which I’d scorn to some extent but is a very good idol rock song despite the video making me angry, and is also the point of genesis for this post anyway:

Pretty cool that they dressed as Watanabe for Halloween despite their adjacency to WACK via SCRAMBLES!

I’m looking forward to this album! As a bonus, here’s another song that isn’t appearing on it but I’m pretty sure I failed to share earlier in the year!

And now this blog post is over!