GO TO THE BEDS Was Just Pulling Our Legs!

So if you recall from … not long ago, there was some trepidation among WACK wota when GO TO THE BEDS did a little promo clip of themselves in gasp! frilly little tradol outfits with egads! lame-ass boring tradol music tinkling in the background, and they were doing the ganbare fists and stuff. I think Coco may have blown a kiss at the camera unironically! For about 45 seconds, people were deeply concerned. Had Watanabe finally lost it?

And then people who were alive in 2012 and/or know anything about the history of the company that GO TO THE BEDS is part of and recall their past forays into revisiting music video content from said company’s legacy acts speculated that perhaps this was a play on the famed “IDOL” incident from 2012, and there was much nodding in agreement among us. We won’t be fooled by any simpering sparkly idols!

Anyway, the “final, actual” version dropped the other day to promote the REINCARNATION EP, which is the first for GO TO THE BEDS but at this point like Yua’s 15th record without ever once actually changing the group she’s in, and all you have to do is wait a few seconds to really feel the respect at the root of this homage:

Good lord. I mean, thank you, but whew. You can count ol’ Maniac among the people who weren’t totally sold on POP and OG GANG PARADE, but definitely appreciated the group after the SiS incident added talent and energy and a little spin toward far more experimental music. Acknowledging that, can “Majishin” here please be a hint of what’s to come with this EP? I don’t need harsh vocals necessarily, just this level of sonic chaos.

REINCARNATION is out on January 13.