GO TO THE BEDS/PARADiSES Gets Split Into Four Units

Just days after GO TO THE BEDS and PARADiSES were formed by splitting GANG PARADE in two, Junnoske Watanabe called an impromptu press conference to announce that these two new units would see further divisions.

First up, GO TO THE BEDS’ Yumeno Yua,  and Yamamachi Miki will make up a new unit called BEDSiDES while Coco Partin Coco, Yui Ga Dockson, and Can GP Maika will become GOTO THE END.


Their world has turned upside down!

The unit briefly know as PARADiSES  will become PARABOLA, made up of Tsukino Usagi, and Terashima Yuka and Kira May.  Meanwhile, Watanabe revealed he had dual-sleeved Naruhaworld Altered Carbon-style, so she would be populating the new unit,  2 SLEEVE CREW with herself.

When asked what was behind all of the adjustments, Watanabe said that the members themselves had asked for the changes and that, after almost a week, things had started to feel a bit stale. 


With the latest units all of fifteen minutes old, Watanabe announced some further shake ups:

BEDSiDES would be broken into two new units:  KENTA’S 401K made up of Yamamachi Miki and her Goofy plushie and based on the theme that all royalties will be deposited in a diversified mutual fund for SCRAMBLES.  Meanwhile, Yumeno Yua would be distilled into two disparate entities, Yumeno and Yua and perform as GNAG PABRADE.

GOTO THE END would become: BeSH, made up of some canned goods and Coco Partin Coco, while Yui Ga Dockson would be joined by Pour Lui and some ducks from Ueno Park to reform BiS.

PARABOLA would be dissolved to create BOLA BOLA (Terashima Yuka and Kira May) while Tsukino Usagi would reboot POP but as a soloist.

When asked how all these changes would effect the upcoming GO TO THE BEDS/PARADiSES joint release, Watanabe said, “The number of units doesn’t matter. WACK’s only got one account. It all goes into the kitty.”