Go Night Hiking with You’ll Melt More!, It’ll Make You Feel Better

Or maybe not! I’m not your dad. Still, give it a try. Here’s YMM doing “Night Hiking”:

If you weren’t sold yet, what if I told you that it includes snips of the members playing the instruments that they’ll be playing at their anniversary live? Including Kechon on drums which amuses me endlessly for some reason.

I stuck a “more” tag on this because I’d ordinarily want to add a little bit of extra information or thought or something, just give the piece some heft, and then I wasn’t going to because I’m in kind of a raw mood after that other business this morning, but then I realized that to not add the “more” tag to a You’ll Melt More! piece would mean betraying everything about my very nature, and I wasn’t going to do that. It’s about justice and also self-referential humor.

Huh. Look at that. A whole paragraph!