Go Get ’em Candy GO!GO!

I’ve already given away to whom I’m referring here, but let me just say that some casual what-are-they-doing Twitter cruising a little while back turned out a result that for one sweet second made me think that Hauptharmonie still lived, and that I might know true joy again.

Alas! It was Candy GO!GO! and the short-version PV for their new single!

I mean, it’s called “HONEY TRAP” ffs

This is their umpteenth single, releasing the day before this live DVD celebrating the group’s seventh(!) anniversary:

I don’t rightly understand how Candy GO!GO! isn’t more popular among gaijin wota. Their music is fun, they have a great look in general and, because they’re all legit adults, they’re very not shy about dialing up the sex appeal. I’ve seen way worse projects get way more attention! Hell, I’ve been intermittently trying and failing for months to get people interested in Rin at least, given that she’s one of the truest joys of idol Twitter.