Give Thanks for uijin

I told you we weren’t done with debuts for 2016! Next weekend, yet another electrock* group will be setting off on the road to idol glory. I refer, of course, to:

uijin! This whole lowercase-name thing limits one’s choices in sentence structure!

At first glance, I was going to write this big-ass follow-up thing about how PassCode was now super-influential and a standard setter and stuff, and maybe they still are, but oh look, TGU’s saying that some of the same production team were involved with this (song at least; can’t say about the group). So that makes sense of that.

The concept, though, I love this concept, and not in the way that it’s written (all the modern culture smashed together) but in the way that it’s called Neotokyo and I’m like:

Anyway, go say hi. The members will observe your interactions and throw you random likes.

*You like that one? I’m pretty proud of that.

3 thoughts on “Give Thanks for uijin

  1. Ha! And I thought I was the only one who thought of Akira whenever the word “Neo-Tokyo” pops up. Best anime movie of all time by the way.

    As for this group, I like it. They look like the cool idols type. The song is not bad just needs something to give it a signature sound of their own to differentiate from the other groups out there. I’m hearing something that BiS would do in this song. With the “Neo-Tokyo” theme though they got a lot of potential to create some cool visuals.

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