Gird Your Loins for Two More New GANG PARADE Songs

Another Friday, another pre-release from Barely Last for GANG PARADE. There was some panning going on after last week’s efforts; how do these ones stack up?

“テヲノバス” (Tewonobasu? Romajidesu rejects this!) sounds like another return-to-old-POP song; it’s inoffensive, and you might dig it if you’re particularly fond of electropop.

“don’t forget me not,” you I like more. It’s somewhere between standard idorock and a Pla2me song. I appreciate the guitars and that big ol’ chorus.

Also, if those embeds are displaying the album art for you, guess what? This is being billed as the four-piece GANG PARADE, so the ex-SiSers may not be participating in this one.

Here’s the track list:

crazy night
Barely Last
don’t forget me not
this is love song
Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky

I’m going to ask the indelicate question: POP PARADE has always been something that I stuck with due to association, but have we actually reached the point where they’re just not aligned — at all — with the general purpose of this site? They’re not even particularly alt-y at this point, not if they’re going to move away from their (possibly) short-lived denpa era.

I have no problem either way; if the feeling in the room is to keep up with them, that’s fine, as is the opposite. Just let me know if you have a thought on the matter.

5 thoughts on “Gird Your Loins for Two More New GANG PARADE Songs

    • Their catalog goes to some non-traditional places, but even in the beautiful era of P2m as a duo, when it seemed like nothing could go wrong, I don’t know if I would have thought of them as a “heavy idol” group. Is now a good time to ask why you don’t cover Maison book girl? I figured it was the same reason; their sound doesn’t suit the site as much, but you said a few days ago to “ask me later” 😛

      • Nail, head, more or less. I actually still entertain the notion of getting Sister Site created one of these days, and they’d be a headliner for it. I always had a really deliberate cross-pollination in mind, and once I started *not* including MBG, it got really hard to justify bringing them on board. Brand kind of thing.

  1. Also, that’s the cover of the album… I guess it went to the printers before their SiSters joined. Or is their presence in the group a secret shame? 😛
    Wait, hold up, their press photos still don’t have the new kids:
    nor have they updated the “Member” section of their website. Did I dream the whole SiS thing?

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