Gird Your Loins for ‘GiANT KiLLERS’ and Also Get It If You Can

That previous teaser was never going to be enough; BiSH dropped the trailer for GiANT KiLLERS a little while ago, and it (the new tracks, at least) is a scorcher:


More importantly, it’s available on (Japanese) iTunes “today” (that is, through tomorrow depending on where you are), or for reservation or whatever, for a stupid low price for all the doodads and whistles that we know about, but the real attraction, if that tweet can be taken seriously, is the members’ audition videos.

So if you ever wanted to see just how many cats liNGliNG skinned to get the gig, now’s your chance! iTunes nuked my Japanese account for some reason, so I’m either going to need to get a new one or just wait until the sucker’s like 30 times the price for the official release.

Also, no word on my girl Hug Me, but they’re re-recording her work, so the group is probably all the way into pretend-she-never-existed mode. Boo.