Get Yourself a Listen to DAIDAIDAI’s Demo

Ah, this is good. So DAIDAIDAI (die die die!) have been doing regular promotional appearances with flyers on which is printed a QR code to download their two demo tracks. Unless you happen to show up where they are, no music for you!

But their very cool manager just added the songs to Bandcamp, and you can get a free listen (no download, though) for about 23 more hours:

Disclosure: I got it into my head to just up and ask said manager if I could have a listen, not being in Japan and all, and he was kind enough to share those tracks with me with the caveat that I didn’t put them online. So I didn’t! I was, however, allowed to share with friends, and I showed a few people who seemed interested. The response has been a good one!

After you give those a listen, tell us what you think. I was optimistic about these kids just based on their little demo video and the reputation of coming from DEMON TAPES (home of the dearly departed Psybou Kanojo); I heard a lot of that legacy in here.

3 thoughts on “Get Yourself a Listen to DAIDAIDAI’s Demo

  1. So I listened this morning. More killer than I could have imagined. The break-up song was insane, Tenpenchi was strong as well. Patiently waiting for more from DaiDaiDai.

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