Get Your Revisionist Fix in the Friday Fun

Last week, you let an AI do all the hard work for you!

I’m scribbling this down real quick, as I’m currently a mess at almost 5:00 a.m., looking at old tweets from three years ago about the BiS Reformation Audition (the first one, the 2016 one) for information to put on my little side-project, the WACKi.

Ah, sweet little Kerrie. Remember how I was the biggest SiS fan for exactly one day because that’s how long they lasted? Remember a time before the chaos of this year’s BiSgeddon, when GANG PARADE’s (relatively small, in comparison. They lost what, two people? That’s less than what BiS loses in a week!) repeated fallouts had become a running gag in this community? Times were so much simpler back then.

This nostalgia really got me thinking of things that could have been. If SiS actually survived. If Coco Partin Coco actually managed to get into BiS like everyone thought she would at the time? Then, I got a metaphorical light bulb over my head for this week’s fun.

Yup, I really am the best at coming up with ideas when it’s way too late at night for me to have any excuse to be awake for. This week, it’s all about what could have been. Not just about BiS, anything! It’s like our annual Idol Predictions funs, except this time what you write down has 0 chance of happening, unlike the usual 3% chance!

This week, tell us what would happen if you could #ChangeIdolHistory. Now I’ve got to get back to reading all of these “RIP Tontonko” tweets.