Get Your Preview of the New JyuJyu Single

It feels like only yesterday that we got to look in on the creepiest, cursiest idols in the business, JyuJyu, but now their new single, “Black Thread,” is only a month away, and the details (remix!) and art are here for us:

Also, give it a listen:

There’s so little JyuJyu that I don’t at least like; it just gets the mood so right, even if it’s not the mood that I want. Here’s a bunch more info on “Black Thread” from; it’s more goth rock than metal, but that’s fine, and if it’s anywhere near as good (and creatively videoed!) as “Noroi Hajime,” we’re going to be in good shape.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Preview of the New JyuJyu Single

  1. Damn that riff is groovy as hell. The baseline has me instantly hooked, throw in the bells and the creepy vocals and I’m sold. Jyu jyu this is good stuff’

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