Get Your Next Music from Tokyo Tickets Now!

We have the tour dates, and now the venues are confirmed and tickets are on sale for Yukueshirezutsurezure’s (and others!) tour dates in Canada:

  • May 19 Toronto @ The Rivoli (tickets)
  • May 20 Toronto @ Lee’s Palace (tickets)
  • May 22 Montreal @ Divan Orange (tickets)
  • May 24 Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret (tickets)

I’ll definitely be in Toronto on the 20th and possibly also the 19th; as we get a little bit closer to the show dates, I’ll open up some kind of meet-up situation so we can get together before/after and say lots of bad things about the people who didn’t go, and also eat poutine.

I’m serious; I only get to go to Canada every once in a while. Don’t deny a man his poutine.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Next Music from Tokyo Tickets Now!

  1. I can’t imagine how disheveled the girls in Tsurezure will look after a cross-country flight and another 3 hours of jet lag. We’re gonna take yami-kawaii to another level in May! Leave some merch for your west coast cousin.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up, I just got my tickets for Montreal and the two Toronto show (got to have a incentive to get through my MA classes and survive them)

    See you then! (Also, do note the Tsurezure (Not secured, Loose ends))

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