Get Your JAM On: Watch / Help Others Watch @JAMxNatalie EXPO

Day 2 now over, too, and unfortunately not that much fresh video added to the list. I personally capped nothing because I was confused about the SiScast, and then it all crashed and I went to bed. Still, plenty of good stuff!

Don’t give me crap about the quality on my stuff — I’m working with freeware here!

If you want to see Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s set. Codomomental is really strict on copyright claims for their live video, and I have one strike with them already, so.

Adding: Himekyun Fruit Can

The rest of the petit pas! in the comments here

After the jump, just all of the old stuff for the sake of archiving. Full-on response and stuff (including some next steps for some people) to come.

JAMxNatalie is over. This is just an archive.

Day 2 Sept. 25 schedule of the JAMxNatalie EXPO
Click to embiggen

Start your VPN (or live in Japan, whichever) and watch here or by clicking through to the LINE site:

Just on the easily accessible (with a VPN) Kiwi Stage, we’ll have Party Rockets GT, BiSH, PIIIIIIIN, Babyraids Japan … and the second-to-last live appearance of petit pas!.

The last coming immediately thereafter on another stage

The Strawberry (main) Stage is also available via, but you need Flash and a ton of patience and a VPN browser extension that really works.

Here’s the Twitter feed for the #at_jam hashtag isn’t terribly interesting unless you like LOTS of photos of idols taken by idols, but there are little clips and hype and stuff in there:

Original stuff:

We already know that this year’s JAMxNatalie EXPO loves us (just look at this final lineup!), and that’s carrying on to some opportunities to watch along live for some people, but maybe they can help us all out.

If you expand that, you can see that there’s all kinds of stuff for us to like, and some of it we might even be able to see.

That is, IF people who can access LINE LIVE are going to cap this sucker. The Kiwi Stage is being shared via LINE, and Day 1 is going to include, well, a LOT: BiS, Billie Idle, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, PassCode, Osaka Shunkashuto, MAPLEZ, GANG PARADE … and NATASHA. For the people who are going to be able to watch with their app/permissions (and to enrage those of us who can’t), I included this embed.

I’m trying to figure out how to cap this; if you already are, please say so and/or share clips in the comments like we did for TIF. Likewise, if you know of other sources, please share them.

And this is the official YouTube channel that they may add video to more or less on the fly, I don’t know:

This post is stickied through Sunday, so check back and add what you can, or thank those who have added because they are heroes.

16 thoughts on “Get Your JAM On: Watch / Help Others Watch @JAMxNatalie EXPO

  1. Once in a blue moon, if a Content™ distributor specifically blocks the US, sometimes they forget about Canada. I was hoping I’d get to sneak in, but I don’t have flash, lmao.

    I’m excited to see/hear how this goes. I’m really stoked on NATASHA as of this morning, and maybe this’ll be our first look at Akira in Billie Idle. “Ours,” meaning us on this site, at anyway.

  2. I only managed to sneak in a break for enough time to watch and record NATASHA. Insane performance! Missed out on BiS so I hope somebody got that one.

    • Maaya is gone-gone-gone. I don’t know if you saw the exchange I had with someone on Twitter late last night, but Saki’s carrying some kind of ancient curse that dooms every project she associates with. If I had a say in the matter, I’d constantly overload GANG PARADE with new members to cover for the graduations and give her absolutely no opportunity to get anywhere near the rest of the WACK-affiliated groups.

      • As a fan of P.O.P/GANG PARADE it makes me sad to see this. Like they are falling apart right in front of my eyes. I’m afraid they won’t last much longer because of these things you mentioned.

        • And you know what’s weird? At least for me as a relative latecomer who missed her BiS run? You probably feel it — there’s a TON of Kamiya love out there. People unironically call her Sakisama. Pla2me is held in such high regard that I’ve seen legit flame wars break out over them and the change to POP. She clearly has a lot of talent and an intense sort of charisma. So what’s the issue?

          • Well, either it’s her or it’s the management who has no real clue what to do with the group. All the changes since the beginning were just bad for their development.

            Oh and I read your twitter convo. I remember that person. That constant rambling about POP and later about BiSH was so annoying that I had to unfollow his/her blog. Thank you for not being annoying lol

  3. I stayed up for that SiScast! That is, until it went behind a paywall for premium NicoNico users only 🙁 They were performing covers on the premium-only feed, according to twitter. Would have been cool to see them do PPCC, although they all need some vocal coaching at the moment 😛
    It’s pretty exciting; they have no expectations to live up to, and no prior legacy so they can do whatever they want. After all that drama of the BiS audition, does anyone else feel like SiS might be the Netflix to BiS’ Blockbuster?
    Idol world, make way for Kanaboon and Coco Chanel!

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