Get Your Full PassCode ‘MISS UNLIMITED’ Video Right Here

Or, psyche! It might not be available in your country yet (like it isn’t in mine, for sadness). But the full video has been released, and with a notable development!

If anybody happens to have one of those fancy “mirror” things in store, please share!

Here’s the North American version:

So I had previously kind of marked out that they had published to VEVO, which was as big and bright a sign as possible that PassCode was eyeing international audiences with serious intent; that they’re being deliberately active on Facebook and communicating in English is a big, big positive sign.

PassCode, I think I speak for just about every person who swings by this site: Please, please come to the West. We will be your promotional army and will buy tickets and merch. We want to see you and we want to see you succeed.

6 thoughts on “Get Your Full PassCode ‘MISS UNLIMITED’ Video Right Here

      • M-ON!, apparently!
        That’s reassuring that they said they were sorting out the North America problem on Facebook. The fact that they published the full version at all is a pretty big olive branch towards western fans, when you think about it 😛

  1. It’s a strange issue , boans. Western fans enthusiastically trying to spread the word uploading content.

    The Large units have contracts that didn’t account for Youtubes newly enforced legal mumbo-jumbo messing with their Domestic Distribution. The smaller units desperate for attention (and sales) having the word spread out in youtube “likes” and maybe often not media sales because of some of the very fans they require to grow internationally.

    Nothing new under the rising sun, I suppose.

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