Get Your First Look & Listen at the New Ladybaby’s Debut Video

As you may recall, Ladybaby underwent something of a reboot lately, being rechristened as the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby and signing with major label King Records. Their first single (see the tweet) is due at the end of the month, and people have been anticipating some kind of pre-release that would give us a chance to react to what’s become of one of 2015’s most talked-about debuts.

I didn’t see this come out, but Pure Idol Heart provides:

This is the short version? Jesus.

Good to see that the music’s just as all over the place as ever! What, did you think that Ladybeard leaving was going to make a difference in the sound? I did; if there was a consensus opinion around that incident, it seemed to be one of addition-by-subtraction. I didn’t think the guy would just be replaced by Stock Male Loud Rock Vocal.

Anyway, interesting that The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby stayed so true to formula. Death pop, it seems, has survived Death of Death Pop Sunday almost completely intact. Your move, Deathrabbits.

6 thoughts on “Get Your First Look & Listen at the New Ladybaby’s Debut Video

  1. tons of westerners bashing the shit out of the girls and the music in the comments tho, I had to back out was getting a little heated with a few ignorant people who didn’t know any better.

    god we are the worst fan base I can see why they stick to japan half the time.

  2. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Stock Male Vocal in favour of Rei taking over.

    It would then be interesting to see a Rei-off with Guso Drop’s Rei. :3

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