Get Your First Listen to Every Track on ‘MISS UNLIMITED’

If you haven’t already ordered PassCode’s major debut maxi-single / EP thing, maybe this will convince you:

I mean, I already bought the sucker because I want that stupid poster, but only “MISS UNLIMITED” itself was available for immediate download, so this is nice to have!

Update: Jesus, I just finally got to listen to this with real volume. “TRACE” is very close to being my favorite thing that PassCode’s ever done, and there’s only like a minute of it, and “Cry Out” ain’t no slouch, either. If PassCode / Universal is looking at this as a next-step kind of release, they picked the perfect song to appeal to the mainstream and some beautiful Yuna-to-11 thunder to grab what they (and we’d probably agree!) think is their likeliest inroads. You know, Babymetal etc. people.

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