I can’t believe I’m encouraging this, and you shouldn’t believe that you’ll almost definitely spend longer than you ever thought you would watching this happen, but I’ll cop to morbid curiosity about exactly what GANG PARADE is being subjected to, and why, and what the outcome’s going to be.

ALL WEEKEND LONG (probably), check in here for:

  • Live video from the road!
  • Commentary, screen captures and goodness knows what on Twitter!
  • Ever-declining faith in humanity!


Here’s a helpful Twitter feed:

Team 1 Twitcasting

Team 2 Twitcasting

I’m really disappointed that Yua, Yuyu and Yui weren’t all put together on a Team U

If anything interesting happens and you happen to witness it, add in the comments so we get at least some kind of finality out of this. Also keep an eye on @GANG_PARADE for news that maybe makes some sense of the outcome.

3 thoughts on “Get Your DEATH PARADE On

    • Near as I can tell, unless “a whole lot of running” is interesting, not really. Saki seems to be in some kind of weird floater role, supporting the other runners (including by running!). When last I checked in a few minutes ago, most of the cameras were offline, so I guess they’re getting some sleep.

      Concurrently, Watanabe and BiSH were having a family dinner.

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