Get Your Con on … Twice! More Daemon at Con Nichiwa

This is exciting; our pal DaeMetal was already going to be running as brutal an idol panel as has ever existed at Con Nichiwa in Tucson, and now he’s adding another:

That’s the Babymetal version; I won’t spoil some of what he told me about it, but suffice it to say that it sounds like a big ol’ space.
Here’s the description:

Fusing heavy metal and j-pop, idol unit BABYMETAL have spawned a new music genre and a rapidly expanding international audience. As their inevitable (and adorable) world conquest continues under the unwavering guidance of the Fox God, come discover the artists, influences and events behind the continuing success of this uniquely Japanese band.

Go register, go to Daemon’s events, and say hi for ol’ Maniac.