Get Your Con On: This Is the Most Mature That A-to-J Gets

If you have a hankering to talk about the hard side of idol in a public forum and get a little bit deeper into this weird, wonderful world, AND you happen to be capable of attending Anime Los Angeles (in Ontario [California, not Canada]), here’s your opportunity:

Re: Title, I kid because I love. A-to-J does the Dark Lord’s work out there.

Manuel’s giving me crap on Facebook for being like “bro, I’m not going to fly across the country to see this, you should come to this coast, which is closer and easier” and saying “come to Texas” and I’m like, Texas is fine, but come on, $$$.

Regardless, events like this or like that Daemon did last year, those things make fans, and fans make even more fans. It is, on the aggregate and even just superficially, a good thing. Like, hint hint, this is a subject that we’re going to be taking up in the very near future; if you’ve ever hosted, facilitated, joined, attended or even just thought about a panel or other kind of session at a convention, I’m going to want to hear from you.

Especially if it’s away from traditional audiences. Tattoo shows, for instance. Stuff where we might find receptive audiences for mind-blowing music, where there are fans who don’t know they’re fans yet.

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  1. We plan on making parts of this panel into an all-ages alt idol panel and even a more generic “Crazy Japanese Pop” (Not the real title lol) panel for non-anime type cons.

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