Get Your Con On: Kawaii Metal DEATH!!

Friend of the site and owner of a tremendous Babymetal hat, @DaeMetal, is hosting a panel at Con Nichiwa next weekend in Tucson!

Kawaii Metal Death!! panel at Con-Nichiwa 2016

Here’s the description:

Fusing heavy metal and j-pop, idol unit BABYMETAL have spawned a new music genre and a rapidly expanding international audience. On the eve of their inevitable (and adorable) world conquest, come discover the artists, influences and events behind the birth of this uniquely Japanese style of music, and the other dangerously kawaii bands that make up the genre.

More details
Con details & registration

Seriously, if you do an event like this, or if you’d like to do an event like this, let me know; I’ll gladly put it on blast. This site is about exposing people to music, period.

@DaeMetal, I hope you pack the hall!

5 thoughts on “Get Your Con On: Kawaii Metal DEATH!!

  1. Thanks for the plug! I’m optimistic, but to channel the recent MH feature: ‘… all three girls practically glow with excitement, with Moametal exclaiming, “I’m not sure whether anyone will come!”’

    Fingers crossed. Kitsunes up.

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