Get Your Con On: Daemon’s Back with the Kawaii Underground

If you folks remember the halcyon, more innocent time of, your friend and mine Daemon hosted a kawaii metal panel at Con Nichiwa in Tucson. That was almost a year ago! And now:


Con Nichiwa’s going to be at the Tucson Convention Center March 24-26, and I’m already telling you that this panel will be a high point because a) subject matter! and b) if you know our man Dae-metal’s contributions to the community as a fan and journalist, you know that he has a big ol’ brain and a very healthy approach.

Check out this description:

Inspired by the success of BABYMETAL and BiS; a movement embracing hard music and heavy themes has infected the sunshine and candyfloss world of J-Pop Idol. The anger of idol punk, the mosh pits of idolcore, and the dissonant terror of yami kawaii are all gaining momentum, and major label attention. Come discover the events behind this idol insurrection and discuss the dangerously kawaii bands currently leading the revolution.

Dissonant terror! Holla. Get your butts to Tucson if you can!

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