Get over Hump Day with New Devil ANTHEM Video

Good morning, you bunch of weirdos! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac has a butt-ton of morning tasks to accomplish for Day Job, and then a very long, annoying day to follow that, so I’m trying to load up a pretty busy day in idol with everything that I can before I get sucked into the purgatory that is work.

But first! You guys remember Devil ANTHEM, right? Kawaiidols with a devil theme? Get a little intense here and there? But mainly devils? Great. Here they are with a just-released live video for a brand-new live version of “Women’s Gift” or whatever the actual title of this neat little song is:

I’m pretty sure Pure Idol Heart shared this first

Coming up, in addition to a pretty important album release, there’s a review that I’m borrowing from a familiar source for such things, and a teaser for a new mini-album that’s basically coming out of nowhere. Fun!

Also remember that Friday is #NewIdolArmy day, and the the Best of 2016 nomination pare-down is currently underway — we don’t ask for much around these parts, but a little participation here not only hurts just a tiny bit, but it can go a long way toward our ability to someday see more of our favorite kinds of idols hitting pan-American and European (and I suppose African and Australian while we’re at it!) shores.

Get bent, Wednesday!