Get Funky with Dance for Philosophy

I never trust that I’m going to keep up with everything, and definitely not that I’m going to have all of the answers. That’s what you guys are for! Literally!

Take for example:

I’m having immediate PASSPO flashbacks

I’ve brought up Philosophy no Dance before in the hopes that they can fill the Especia-shaped hole in my heart, and much of their work is right in that vein, but seriously, “LIKE A ZOMBIE”? Please.

Anyway, go learn more, follow them on Twitter and go ahead and give them a listen. They don’t go for rock so much, but I’m not mad, I love them just the way they are.

2 thoughts on “Get Funky with Dance for Philosophy

  1. *goes add them to twitter and soundcloud accounts without hearing*

    If I don’t like them there’s hell to pay…

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