Get Fired up for Sunday with Fruitpochette

Our man in Japan, Phillter (Remember Phillter? He remembers you!), passed on this heart-rendingly good live compilation of Fruitpochette covering some of their favorites, as posted to Shiori’s personal YouTube channel, which you should follow if you have any sense, ya goofs:

Fruitpochette had a terrible first 2/3 of 2016. Like, just terrible. But where they are now, with Zuma and Kyuri playing well together and obviously having a blast, I hope this is the beginning of a big leap forward. The talent is obvious, the quality is right on par, their sound is distinct …

Look, Fruitpochette is pretty much what the future holds if idol + metal is ever to catch on in a bigger-than-Babymetal way, at least in the West: A small group of skilled performers doing music that’s more metal + idol than the other way around. I want it.

Anyway, Zumakyuri, you’re doing great. Everybody else, have a happy Sunday.

One thought on “Get Fired up for Sunday with Fruitpochette

  1. Fruitpochette is awesome. I’m glad someone was smart enough to keep them going even after things looked bleak! Great live video! =)

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