Get a Little More into What Yannderu Ame Sounds Like

Good morning! Things are returning to normalish: I’m getting some more time back finally, I think that I may have found a solution to that weird commenting thing (and please tell me yea or nay if it seems to be right for you), there’s idol things happening … yup, good times are upon us.

And to respond: Yesterday, Yannderu Ame chucked onto the world a lyric video for “Idol Love Memorandum”:

Thanks, PIH!


Kind of like a vocaloid tune written by syva, right? And at least the second time that I think I’ve written that in a little while. I’d think that this would appeal to Zenkimi fans who like their anisong, too.

If you want more Yannderu Amu, get through the first few minutes of this, then get treated to some live:

Happy Sunday