Gekijo-ban, Live, Because Why Not, and Also This Interview

Happy Sunday, you goofballs. Do you know what time the Super Bowl is?* It doesn’t matter! Instead, let’s just enjoy the fact that Gokigen Teikoku decided that being all super indie in Tokyo was well and good, but to take their show on the road would be even better. Hence, they headed off to Nagoya and graced us with this bit of their live:

There really isn’t much that lines up well with a Gekijo-ban show, is there?

Also, I promised you interview, and I’m sorry for not having shared it earlier, but 9917km has this translated spot with Ichiho, who’s legitimately one of the more fun people in idol, period; I enjoy the drunk dialing as much as anything else, but she’s this weird prankster/performance genius on top of it.

*I couldn’t resist the urge to do another one of these SEO-laden posts, but you can thank me all you want for not using the phrase in the title like I did as exploitatively as humanly possible last year.