GANG PARADE May Be the Idol, but Ao Won’t Be Anymore

I feel like I had just said something about their remarkable stick-together-itiveness, too. But yes, rather out of nowhere and while the group could not be doing any better, Shigusawa Ao is leaving GANG PARADE with her final performance at TIF.

There’s a certain poetry to that: Blowing up TIF last year was what gave The Artists Former Known as POP the shot they probably needed to really get moving (Saki’s indefinite suspension from the same notwithstanding). Ao gets to go out on the same stage (possibly) that they trashed on their way to a much higher degree of stardom.

Ao. Hug Me. Yasui. That’s a lot of movement in WACK and WACK-aligned groups in a pretty short amount of time. Mitchel. Yu-ri. Hell, fucking Pikarin. May the irresponsible rumor-mongering continue unabated!

2 thoughts on “GANG PARADE May Be the Idol, but Ao Won’t Be Anymore

  1. Damn! I had decided arbitrarily that Ao was my favorite. What secrets does the japanese interview hold?

    • Just from the terrible auto-translate, it looks like the issue is less with her than it is with her family not supporting the activity, which is kind of understandable.

      Let this be a lesson to us all: Never pick a favorite. 🙂

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