Full Power Girls R Go!

Well, again, speak and they shall come: Just a week ago, we found out about Full Power Girls R’s upcoming release, and then here they are with the MV for it:

Our guy TUFKAT provides

That’s some serious kawaiidorock, huh? I have a huge soft spot for these tweener acts that are more than happy to idol away completely, totally normally, but have just enough pop in their sound to keep things interesting. “Tradition of Gorigiri Match” delivers.

Without trying to make too much of it, the raw prevalence of groups like this speaks to how far we’ve come in just a few years. Yeah, idorock isn’t exactly new, but it seems like every other new project is dabbling in distorted guitars and heavy synths or, gods help us all, bona fide harsh noise. It’s cool.

Those outfits are taking me back to Batten Sho Jo Tai with a quickness, too.