Full Power Girls, Indeed

I wanted to bust out one of those “my longest Yeah Boy” videos to go along with that other thing, but I’d really like to do it here for want of finding one that I’d really want to present. But you get the idea!

Remember Full Power Girls R? I do; it’s been a while since last checking in on one of the most-effective-but-least-known younger idorock outfits, and nominally for a good reason (they don’t often mix with the types of idols that we usually go for). I’m very excited, though, that they tossed out a new MV yesterday. Go ahead and plug in:

Thanks, PIH!

See, when it comes to idol and rock music in the most hand-wavingly vague of ways, you have your true idorock practitioners — that is, your Babyraids JAPANs and Candy GO!GO!s and the like, who are at least as much idol as rock — and those who are willing to go deeper down the path of fat-ass guitar riffs and sweet solos and lots of bangy on the drums, and that’s where the magic happens. Zenryoku lives right on the edge of that, and I love it.

They just released their fourth single, but I guess they saved the MV budget for this celebration of their second anniversary, looping things back to where they first began. Irrespective of any of that, the songs cranks and I wish there were a better way to share it widely.