FRUITPOCHETTE’s Collaborating with a Band, Like They Should

I like this little bit of news: FRUITPOCHETTE, who I seriously hope can get back the great momentum that it felt like they had just a little over a year ago, are going to take their relationship with SEX MACHINEGUNS* to the next level by not just performing together, but proverbially making a baby together and hitting the road to promote it:

That’s their first single, which has a title that I don’t trust the machine translation of and won’t even try (so please, if you can). It’s adorable, I bet. Also, I bet it’s going to rock.

This really is FRUITPOCHETTE’s niche. Out of everybody (everybody) in idol metal, they tend to be the closest to the hot-rods-and-hand-grenades sound, leather jackets and raging benders. Fronting a band, even just as a short-term collaboration, is a great thing for them to be doing. It’s also (just sayin’) a great vehicle to take advantage of their very good reputation abroad, you know?

*That’s what they called me in high school.

One thought on “FRUITPOCHETTE’s Collaborating with a Band, Like They Should

  1. Sex Machineguns is consistently solid and occasionally great, i will be very interested to see how this pans out.

    They called you Sex Machineguns? I don’t even want to specualte about why they would call you a plural…

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