From Outer Space to Arizona: MELON BATAKE A GO GO to Make their US Debut

For those of us who can’t currently get into Japan to see idols, we just got the best possible news: the idols are coming to us!! Chaotic Harmony have just announced that rockabilly idols from outer space,  MELON BATAKE A GO GO will be making their US debut at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona this coming Labor Day weekend.

Saboten Con has been a regular host of alternative idol Stateside debuts for several years now including Candye Syrup and SENANAN in 2018 and Broken By the Scream in 2019. They were also poised to host BURST GIRL’s US debut in 2020 before COVID ruined everything. If you haven’t been to Saboten Con before, I can highly recommend the experience.  Our friends at Chaotic Harmony have, in the past, come up with some incredibly novel opportunities to interact with the idols that fans won’t get anywhere else.  Candye Syrup’s appearance was particularly significant as it not only served as their US debut but also the first generation’s last live (where Yours Truly got to conduct their final interview).  In short, Saboten Con has historically proven to be a place that provides an unforgettably unique experience for fans of chika idol, and now MELON BATAKE A GO GO will be adding to that legacy.

Frequenters of Homicidols dot com are quite familiar with Melon Bat as the unit are long-time members of the chika idol A-list. For those attending Saboten Con who may not be too familiar with the unit, here’s a brief introduction to the SICK IDOLS heading to the Arizona desert:

The always-masked MELON BATAKE A GO GO are a rockabilly/punkabilly/psychobilly idol unit that debuted in 2016 and heavily channel themes and aesthetics from camp horror, B-movie sci-fi and vintage superhero media. They scored a major label album release, IKASUZE IDOL 1.2.3 !!, in early 2019 and, later that year, made their overseas debut at Monster of Dolls in Italy. They are high energy performers whose members bleed both swagger and charisma, and they have a sister unit called The Grateful a Mog AAAAz.

Soze Nakamura

Soze is the longest serving current member, having joined the unit in June of 2017. Her member-color is mint green and she also DJs under the name SOZELICA.

Run Rukatame

Run was a fan of Melon Bat’s music and approached  their producer about joining the group. She debuted with the unit a few months after Soze. She is the smallest and quietest member and her color is sky blue. She recently appeared in the idol-zombie film IDOL NEVER DiES as a member of the all-star antagonist idol unit, BLOOD CHERRY.

Yuffie Sakimura

Yuffie was asked to join Melon Bat in early 2018. She is also well known around Homicidols dot com as GARUDA, her industrial metal solo idol project. Her member-color is deep purple and her favorite movie is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Tomoyo Chiyo

Tomoyo joined Melon Bat in early 2020. She is the group’s choreographer and pulls double duty as leader of the group’s sister unit, The Grateful a Mog AAAAz.

Amino Coromi

Amino joined the group at the same time as Tomoyo and is also a member of a The Grateful a Mog AAAAz. She is currently scheduled to graduate from both units in early August, so it is doubtful we will see her at Saboten Con.

So let’s get ready to welcome MELON BATAKE A GO GO to Earth, America and Arizona.