Friday’s Gif Party Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

I’m welcoming back Kerrie against my own good sense; if you saw the conversation yesterday about idol fanfic and where that wound up going, you’ll understand. Nonetheless! Remember that you can get unique idol-inspired gear at her Redbubble.

Happy Friday, everyone! Or should I say, unhappy Friday, considering the theme of our last gif party.

That’s right, lets all get comfortable in our wota bunkers and check out the best of last week’s #idolpocalypse!

[Maniac: Joke’s on you all — I was the only person who made anything! So I’m picking my favorites.]

Remember when I said last week that this week’s theme would be more cheerful? Um … well, you all saw what happened with that one group that I was so hyped about. ‘Hoo boy.

So, I declare this week’s gif party theme to be:


Wait, what do you mean that theme is repetitive and also a joke that’s been done to death? Fine…

Well, as I’m still eating my feelings over the SiScourse, how’s that for a theme?

This week we want all your food-related gifs under the hashtag #idolgluttony. Oh, and try and include some idols in there too.

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