Friday Funday: When Necroma Reacts, You Listen

Kerrie’s on a serious roll lately; go buy some of her original art!

Oh lord do I love some of the things that come from drama. During times when we are worried, upset, all other kinds of negative emotions, sometimes absolute hilarity and beauty ensues as a result. You know what they say about the best art coming from tragedy. What I’m trying to say is, as suspicious as the ANFORT scenario may be, you guys brought some great things to the #BetterCompaniesThanANFORT hashtag. Great job!

After that mess, I think we could do with a breather this week. As much as Maniac probably wants me to arrange a Twitter funeral for Hauptharmonie and PiiiiiiiN (hey, we can do that too if you want!), it’s probably best that some good old-fashioned silliness came about. Not like #BetterCompaniesThanANFORT wasn’t already silly.

Luckily, this particular promotional photo courtesty of NECRONOMIDOL keeps popping up on my Twitter feed at the moment.

(Click here for a slightly larger version!)

Of course, this is something Maniac and I agreed had a lot of potential.

So, what exactly are Necroma reacting to? It’s up to you! Give your suggestions and tag them as #NecromaReacts this weekend.

Oh, and while you can simply just tweet it, ‘shopping is always appreciated. 😉 Some of us seem to have started already:

Have fun!

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