Friday Fun Celebrates Only the Worst Work Experience

It’s that time again! Time we express our love, our anger, our despair and whatever feelings we have towards the alt-idol community the only way we know how; dank memes, mockery and imagining scenarios that would never happen!

Last week we asked you to react to the Up Up Girls VR news by coming up with some idol-themed virtual reality games of your own. You brought some doozys here, folks. I think Watanabe’s tourbus might be scarier than than Silent Hills could have ever managed (RIP)

Speaking of Watanabe (what a transition, eh?), lets jump back a few weeks where he pissed off a chunk of us with his antics and my immediate response was to turn it into a hashtag party. That was a fun way of venting, right?

Think of this week as a quasi-sequel to #BetterManagersThanWatanabe (well, if you ignore the rest of the WACK trilogy that this mess prompted). You see, as much as we like to make fun of how much of shithead Watanabe is, turns out ANFORT may, arguably, be worse. You can read that article if you want to know the full details, but while the stuff with BiS could be argued as a likely staged, kind of mean-spirited publicity stunt; the recent blowout regarding Anna, Ice Cream Suicide, and ANFORT’s rather unsavory history with their idols in general has brought a bit of anger and concern to this community. And well, I already said in this article how I prefer to respond to concerning events within idol.

Really, it’s not fair at all that Watanabe gets to have all the ragging to himself.

That’s right, this week, it’s time for #BetterCompaniesThanANFORT.

Watanabe’s hashtag brought out so many creative and hilarious entries, so you better not let us down with this one! I look forward to seeing what you can come up with! Tweet us your suggestions under the #BetterCompaniesThanANFORT and well, you know the rest.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun Celebrates Only the Worst Work Experience

    • Hey there! Yeah, I was leaving DiET or DiE alone because I think it’s too nuanced in context for most folks to look at it as anything other than a really rude, exploitative thing. And it is, but it’s also like most things that WACK does, mostly just for show — Chitti did it last year and missed her weight goal by a few ounces and was briefly demoted from captain to towel girl. It’s a promotion, but also an unfortunate one.

      And who thinks that Pour Lui ever looks anything less than perfect? 🙂

      But she’ll be fine in the end. They always are; these things are designed to look worse than they are.

      • I do also think DiET or DiE its a exploitative thing.
        So I understand if you decided not to address it.

        Even if its a promotion and it’s designed to look worse
        than they are. I’m still worried about Pour Lui as these
        kind of weight goal games can affect her psychologically.
        This is a very sensitive thing for most women. I have a friend
        who got advice to loose weight when she was younger and was
        playing soccer. It totally messed her up and she still suffers
        from eating disorders.

        Well there is nothing wrong with trying to be healthy and
        maintain weight. But it must be done properly and not by
        starvation methods.

        It all reminds me of the weight competition games other idol groups
        did. Like Momoclo and look what happened to Takagi Reni.

        Yes in my eyes Pour Lui is perfect 🙂

        Didnt know Chitti did it last year. Missed that.

        Well I hope Pour Lui doesn’t suffer from this gimmick
        by Watanabe. That she will be fine.

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