Friday? Friday. Hauptharmonie.

Good morning, lovely aces. You know what I did yesterday and last night? Put in a new floor in one of the rooms in Maniac Mansion. It was a lot of work, and I wasn’t very happy about it! I did, though, have a lot of time to daydream and do some mental checks back to old news, and actually go through all of my Twitter notifications to see what was up.

So, working back to front, here’s a whole set of Hauptharmonie that’ll get your pre-weekend started right:


Which brings me to:

When the hell is Hauptharmonie breaking up, anyway? It’s been a good little while since Riko’s getting fired or whatever exactly happened, and the official announcement from O-ant was that they’d do the tour to promote the album, then announce a final concert … and I’m not saying that those things aren’t happening, just that I haven’t been following them as religiously as I used to (reasons: see above), so I don’t know how much of a timeline’s really left.

O-ant did hint that he might change his mind if sales were really good …

Naw. We aren’t allowed to keep our nice things. In the meantime, enjoy what you got!