Forgive Me for Being All Optimistic about ODORO

I love when friends see things and share things and then we all get to enjoy the good things:

Of course, via the incomparable Mr. Viz

That’s ODORO (Twitter), which is precisely the kind of idol name that I have to ask for help for because I can’t kanji at friggin’ all. That’s not important, though; what’s important is that here’s a tremendous example of the unending recycling job at the heart of chika idol — Kuroneko no Yuutsu! DOPING BERRY! Strawberry Syndrome! Etc.! — entering the art idol side of the fray.

Here’s just a little bit more about that creative bent:

It’s understated, and definitely not Kuroneko nor DOPING BERRY nor a lot of other idol things — frankly, they’re closer to SAKA SAMA in a lot of ways than most anything else. And, true to form, their YouTube channel is the kind of thing that you might want to follow, as the live … there’s gonna be a lot of live, and random stuff, and truly the things that make idol worth following.