For Thursday Hurtsday, Check out Moecore Gakuen

I’m sorry, I love everything about this:

This is Moecore Gakuen (Twitter), and why am I just now learning about this?

For real. I like idorock and idorock+ as much as the next guy, and I’d have no idea that this would exist if not for the fact that Pure Idol Heart likes to share things.

They don’t get all completely rock-y, but there’s enough there:

Some nice voices there, too

But this is idol! They must do other interesting things, too, right? Like, check out this very-familiar-to-those-of-us-who-came-in-through-Babymetal-and-also-like-Sakura-Gakuin segment that’s additionally completely off the rails because are they really exploring whether any of the members are afflicted by lycanthropy?

They want to go to Budokan! What a surprisingly big deal.

Anyway, this is fun. I’m glad for it!

5 thoughts on “For Thursday Hurtsday, Check out Moecore Gakuen

  1. If SG does something like that on the last episode of Manande Monday (adding to the hurts) I’m going to freaking die.
    Those little anime skits as well… makes me want to see the fanart from twitter in anime form.

      • It pays to keep an eye on the big dogs, it can help inform some of what the little dogs are doing, plus you occasionally come across gems like Nogi’s resident talent monster Ikuta Erika performing a Finnish Polka.
        Pretty Japanese Girl sings a polka from Finland in Finnish remains the most Lynchian thing I’ve seen outside of a David Lynch film.

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