For Indie Idol Wednesday, I’m Finally Doing Bonnou Paradox

All right, I’ve now officially seen Bonnou Paradox (Twitter) referenced enough times that I guess I should look to see what the deal is. I know this: They’re newish, they’re “hard rock,” they go with a duality theme and they’re perfect for Indie Idol Wednesday.

This is what they look and sound like:

They also get filmed at odd angles!

This video’s from just the other day:

I don’t think there’s any new ground being broken here, but it’s perfectly cromulent loudol stuff that we sort of need more of in this era of EVERYBODY DISBANDING. And they’re fun! Enough! Enough to have TIF as a goal; that being said, I have no idea what’s happening in this video:

Nice to meet you, BonPara. I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.

4 thoughts on “For Indie Idol Wednesday, I’m Finally Doing Bonnou Paradox

  1. the blonde member kagari is a strange girl, if you ever get a chance to watch her on showroom or twitcasting do so, its a strange experience. I once watched her arguing with her automated robot hoover because she tried to use it to clean up curry she dropped on her floor and it proceeded to spread it everywhere across her room xD

  2. Unfortunately they did not make the 2nd round cut for TIF2017. I am sure they will try again next year. They are all really nice. and fun to talk to.

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