Follow Along for Some Fresh BLACKNAZARENE

I don’t get a ton of time to casually scroll through Twitter anymore, but when I do, I tend to stumble over some good stuff. It’s good luck, I guess. Usually, following half of all idols makes for a bloated, disjointed mess of a feed, but maybe my eyes got used to it or something. The point is, there I was, doop-dee-doop, minding my own business when … hello, what’s this?

Why, that’s two songs! And right in reply to its own message, there’s BLACK NAZARENE with links to each and lyrics! What’s happening!

Go click on those, and listen. The clear winner is “stray straight”, great, let’s high-five. The two together do get to the continual issue with that group, which is that yes, it’s true that they have some of the softest moments you’d ever encounter from a group with a black metal name and songs titled things like “Thug Life”, but yes, they can also crush it with the best of them. A nice lesson to re-learn! And this all because I recalled how, after a promising start with them, a good bit of BLACK NAZARENE’s subsequent work had been a little too nice for me to really dig, so I was in the drawn-out process of sort of detaching from them except as a potential Weekender item. Then lo and behold, this development sent me a-looking back through their Spotify.

Reminder that BLACKNAZARENE’S 1th one-man is now just a week away: